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Tool Tips — Lift Your Sketch Skills with these 5 Plugins

I've been working up a storm in Sketch and have used approximately 30+ plugins so far. A colleague recently asked me to give her a low-down of what I use to increase productivity, and I thought I would share them with you.

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Our Virtual Band — the Importance of Getting Together

At Folkmatic, we have a carefully curated group of individuals that each play an instrument pivotal to our sound. When everything swings and we’re hitting all the right nodes, the result is stellar digital solutions we all stand behind.

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Reiterated — the Thoughts behind Our New Design

As a designer, you're always looking to upgrade and make things better. It’s a constant pursuit for ways to improve experiences, enhance usability and while doing so, make things prettier.

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Meet Our Core Development Principles

Driven by our major aims of delivering quality products, providing timely deliverables and being on-point, honest and clear in our communication, these “commandments” serve as guidelines for understanding what we stand for.

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6 Common Startup Mistakes from an Agency Perspective

From partnering up with startups and early stage entrepreneurs, we’ve observed typical mistakes performed by first-time or many-time entrepreneurs. Here’s the top picks.

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How Tech Ideas Could Revolutionize the Public Sector

The public sector is overdue for a little disruption. Here's our take on five leading tech companies and what they have to offer to public services. Despite different cultures, platforms and audiences

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