about us

We're powered by ambition, honed with skill and guided by curiosity.

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Seamless Future

We're a digital agency driven by one big idea: There's a more seamless and coherent world waiting for us around the corner. We believe each carefully considered, well-designed, quality-engineered solution can bring us one step closer to this vision.

It's about creating "unbroken" user journeys, removing user obstacles and reducing the chaos. It's based on the idea of a strong merge between people and technology for the benefit of everyone.

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working smarter together

Years spent in the industry collaborating and co-founding initiatives has taught us that ensuring proper workflows pays off. Our journey has shown us that we peak when we're working closely with the client-side, listening to one another and engaged jointly in achieving change.

We take a multidisciplinary approach with strategic, technological and design initiatives by drawing on the red thread at the center of any digital problem, the user. Our process is honed from an acute understanding of what it takes to identify, observe, understand, engage and support people digitally.

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The Quality Output

Quality comes not by desire but by achievement. When we set out to collaborate with our clients, we zoom in on the core challenges. These typically include two main aspects: User-centric and business impacts.

Our projects fall into three categories – core products and services, utility marketing projects and internal service tools. The common denominator here is user improvement. We seek clients that can align with our ambition to strive for a more seamless future.

From idea to ignition

Our process is honed from an acute understanding of what it takes to identify, engage and support people digitally. We strive to be friction-free and smooth as can be.



We immerse ourselves in our client's world and emerge with an understanding of key markets and end-users to map motivations and needs. Then focus on benchmarks and perfomance criteria that create value.



Our UX and visual designers work from a keen understanding of user needs to land meaningful concepts. Well ordered information architecture and clear user flows mean a fluid handoff from conception to implementation.



Our technologists seek out solutions to achieve the best user fit. From responsive website platforms to mobile software applications, our work is built to last, perform and grow. Quality assurance runs deep to reduce client-side testing.



We are on-hand to ensure smooth migration of content. With proper education, the client is empowered to handle future updates. From testing to optimization, we ensure a delivery that meets and exceeds client demands.



The long life of a product requires careful attention. We support our solutions during shifiting tests of time, market and environment. We apply all our services to iterate new aspects and handle any events.

Our products à la carte

Our digital projects match not just client needs but also fit a hybrid of multiple categories — the following overview can help you understand what we love doing.


Transactional Marketplaces

What influences the bottom line is always our greatest concern. With a clear undertanding of the competitive and user-centric drivers, we build commercial platforms to scale. Beyond launch, we track, optimise and deliver for conversion.


Subscription Services

For businesses built on recurring revenue, we build to match. Our solutions integrate with leading e-commerce frameworks and our approach fits usability flows to meet logistic and regulatory requirements.


Brand Engagement Sites

Impressions matter but engagement matters more. Framed with solid UX and visual direction principles and backed with targeted tracking and analytics, we deliver products that drive customer relationships.


Tools & Utilities

Marketing has evolved into a unique opportunity to leverage tools that provide real value to users. In servicing and monitoring customers like users, we reduce noise and achieve greater impact.


Native Mobile Applications

Be here now. We deliver on the promise of modern devices to grant the best experience for users regardless. For iOS, Android and beyond, we push the new paradigm of independence from location.


Interactive Installations

Digital is not just a filter but a function that can draw real experiences and create hard data from the offline world. By partnering in the outdoor space, we can create meaningful synergies.

Folkmatic Team

We’re craftspeople challenging conventional wisdom

At Folkmatic, we take pride in our close-knit multidisciplinary approach, ensuring that strategists, designers and engineers speak the same language. The strong seniority across all roles powers our analytical problem-solving skills and adds quality and efficiency to the journey from A to B.