Case study

Wiring Future Connectivity


DKT Comega





DKT is enabling tomorrow’s high-performance communication infrastructure. We helped them tell their story.

Bet you haven’t heard of DOCSIS 3.1? Truth be told, neither had we before we started collaborating with DKT Comega. In short, it’s revolutionizing broadband speeds, allowing up to 10 Gbit/s downstream. DKT is pioneering this technology in Northern Europe and wanted to convey the story digitally.

Grasping the Product Jungle

DKT Comega houses hundreds and hundreds of products — different standards, different versions, different sizes, different system paradigms. The immediate challenge was how to structure this information, avoiding custom tables and information, and ensuring easily editable (and maintainable) content for the long term.

Further, the ambition was to zoom out from showcasing technical images of routers and rather focus the communication on the societal and human purposes of what DKT does.

Structure, Logic, Guidance

New principles were introduced for the user experience. First, interaction to allow potential customers to calculate costs of implementation. Second, a strict product taxonomy defining the cross-patterns for the entire product catalog. Third, bringing in cases to document the effects of what DKT Comega does and communicate the full story of the company’s product lifecycle.

Ready to Fuel the Future

The new DKT Comega web platform was launched in time for the Spring 2017 conferences and the Danish technology company is ready to expand on the mission and collaborate with telco’s of Northern Europe on wiring connectivity of the future.

DKT desired to reimagine our digital presence, and built a website that exemplified our business philosophy of making small differences create a big impact. Folkmatic has been a solid business partner in our work to strengthen our digital strategy. They have taken our company identity and created a strong digital design that exemplifies it, and rebuilt our website in an efficient and easy to use system. We are very pleased with the result.

Christian Emborg

CEO and Managing Director, DKT A/S