Case study

Interactive Outdoor Icecream


Ben & Jerry's


Interactive Branding


Food & Beverages

The icecream giant, Ben & Jerry's, was looking to shake up the outdoor space for a new product launch.

When it comes to food and beverage product introductions, it's all been done. Huge outdoor banners, fancy colors, sexy faces, funny slogans. This time around, the client was keen on having the audience play along.

City Bees with Zero Attention

With 720,000 visits a week, the main square in Copenhagen, Rådhuspladsen, is a busy spot. For the meda space, both outdoor prints and a ful-width screen have been installed to promote messages. But with an audience that has become more resilient to advertising, how do you stand out and engage people passing through?

Play with the Product

Four screens, four cameras, five laptops, hundreds of metres of cable, 336 hours of being live, and vivid access to the metro construction grounds behind the outdoors screens.

By enabling web-based .js face recognition software, we were able to track the heads of people walking by the main square screens and replace their heads with Ben & Jerry's cookies — causing bypassers to stop, play with the screen, seek to catch the cookie and take photos.

Top-selling Ice Cream Spot

"The campaign helped the brand-new product to the top of the charts. In fact, the 'Wich cookie became 3rd in Denmark for all of Ben & Jerry's flavors. And overall 9th for all ice creams in Denmark.

Even more impressing, the whole of Ben & Jerry's sale increased by 51% compared to the same period the previous year. "