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A classic local communication form – the bulletin board – updated for today's mobility and immediacy.

The Hoods team set out on a mission to bring neighbourhoods together again, facilitate easier connections between local citizens, whether it's trading items, meeting up, offering piano lessons or making a shoutout.

The Vision to Create Happier Neighbourhoods

The concept really goes back thousands of years to the 'polis' in the Greek state and beyond. It's the idea of meeting peers on the local square, exchanging goods, debating current topics, offering your wisdom to the community. In recent days, it's seen with success by Craigslist and currently from Facebook Groups.

Hoods is the initiative to create a mobile-first, simple, easily accessible square for sharing and exploring what's going on where you live.

Reign with Fail-safe Simplicity

We set out to make Hoods as perfectly accessible as the local supermarket's bulletin board. It might be a little messy, but you instinctly understand how to navigate it, and you're quickly tuned into the exploration of looking through posts.

Six distinct categories divide the world of Hoods: Market, Housing, Events, Jobs, Matchmaking, Miscellaneous. The user can narrow in the results by filtering the geolocated radius. Notifications keep you up to date on posts.

Guerilla Kick-off with Effect

Hoods has seen a strong reception — organically rounding 1,000 downloads shortly following market launch. Social audience across Facebook and Instagram similarly emphasize significant interest.

The released version 2.0 has enriched Hoods with search functionality, a map-based discovery section and customised details for the categories.

Picked up by the Media

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Folkmatic believed in our vision and helped us conceptualize the foundation for what would become Hoods. The Folkmatic team has put more excitement, energy and hours into this project than any client could truly expect. But what is even more valuable, their professionalism and individual talents have ensured our future success.

Louise Langebæk